Matrix Model and Uberbau, 2019-2023, real-time simulation.

(installation shot)

Artist - Rui Hu
Simulation Scripting - Rui Hu
Deep Learning and Data Analysis - Susan Yingshu Chen

screenshorts 截图:


In 2007, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index climbed to an all-time high. The next year, months before the celebrated Beijing Olympic, natural and economic disasters hit, among them the most severe stock market meltdown, seeing the index down from well over six thousand points to just a fifth of it. In the US, financial market crash rooted in the subprime mortgage crisis also made history.

Also in 2007, Nvidia launched CUDA, enabling more efficient and accessible general purpose computing on the GPU. Traditionally used to process images rooted in military and entertainment, GPU have since made its way to fields such as AI, scientific computing, and finance, with applications like deep learning, weather forecast and stock market prediction, all due to such high efficiency in calculating matrix math.

"Matrix Model and Uberbau" started from thinking about this history. With the promise of deep learning, would we have been able to predict and prevent past financial disasters? Or perhaps, as Keynes has suggested a long time ago, the stock market was more of a blind guessing game of other players' likely behavior rather than a precise math. Forecast might work only as long as nothing unexpected emerges from human's collective behavior.

Though driven by AI, the work is not "generated." Instead, the image and sound refers to moments in history, while the real-time simulation features various scripted events driven by "prediction" results of the 2007-08 stock market using long short-term memory neural network on the first-gen GPU with CUDA support. Through the work, I try to explore how matrix math has become the base of various aspects in contemporary society, the idea of "model" as both in graphics and in science and economics, the group psychology involved in stock trading, human's basic needs and luxurious desires, financial capitalism, state capitalism, and how the perfect model might only be the one that embraces its fundamental impossibility to be correct.

The work features a space appears to be both a sports stadium and a construction site. Various scripted events compose the real-time simulated image, which are driven by deep learning prediction results of the 2007-08 stock market data trained on a GeForce 8800 GTX, one of the first consumer GPUs with CUDA support. Men and women in suites running on the field tackling off-scale office items, only to be hit and knocked over again and again, all monitored by hovering searchlight-equipped GPU-drones. Around the space is an imprisoning set of scaffolds and bar-chart-like buildings.

As the competition and violence being observed through automatically switched camera views, we also heard various kinds of audio based on the viewing location. There is a Hong Kong stand-up comedian telling gags about stock trading and housing market, and an AI-generated voice of Zizek discussing various topics from capitalism to gaming.

Many other elements serve as metaphors or one-line jokes: videos of a young David Bowie performing on stage, occasional appearance of an oversized pig person dressed in cardboards, a construction crane, advertisement images, bubbles, butterflies, sickles, torches, fogs, and a pair of giant galactic bull and bear, crouching over the entire scene, engaging in an eternal fight, against a night sky with occasional sunrise-turned sunset and a never-ending thunderstorm.


同样在2007年,Nvidia推出了CUDA,使在计算机显卡上进行通用计算成为可能。传统上, 显卡 被用来处理源于军事和娱乐需求的图像,此后,它进入了人工智能、科学计算和金融等领域,深度学习、天气预报和股市预测等应用,都是由于其在计算矩阵数学上的高效率。

"矩阵模型与上层建筑 "始于对这段历史的思考。有了深度学习的承诺,我们是否能够预测和预防过去的金融灾难?或者说,正如凯恩斯很早以前提出的那样,股市更像是一个盲目猜测其他玩家可能行为的游戏,而不是一个精确的数学计算。只有人类的集体行为不出任何意外,预测才可能有效。

虽然由人工智能驱动,但这项工作并不是 "生成的"。相反,图像和声音指的是历史上的某些时刻,而实时模拟的特点是由2007-08年股票市场的 "预测 "结果驱动的各种脚本事件,使用的是第一代 显卡 上的长短期记忆神经网络,并有CUDA支持。通过这件作品,我试图探索矩阵数学如何成为当代社会各个方面的基础,"模型 "的概念在图形学和科学及经济学中的应用,股票交易中涉及的群体心理学,人类的基本需求和奢侈的欲望,金融资本主义,国家资本主义,以及完美的模型如何可能只是一个拥抱其根本不可能正确的模型。

该作品的的空间既是一个体育场,也是一个建筑工地。各种脚本事件构成了实时的模拟图像,它们由GeForce 8800 GTX(首批支持CUDA的消费级 显卡 之一)上训练的2007-08年股票市场数据的深度学习预测结果驱动。穿着套装的男人和女人在散落着超常尺寸的办公室用品的操场上奔跑,这一切都被盘旋的装有探照灯的 显卡状无人机所监控。空间周围是一组禁锢性的脚手架和类似柱状图的建筑。



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